Lyneisha Vaughn, Edward Perez

Lyneisha Vaughn

Age: 31

Current Job: Works in New York for the Swedish publisher Bonnier, as the business manager responsible for the budget and accounting for a magazine group that includes Parenting and Babytalk.

Education: Graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown and received an M.B.A. from New York University.

Parents: Father works at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi for the Smith Research Corporation; he is a vice president responsible for construction management and testing of rockets and aircraft engines. Her mother retired as the chief executive of Medical and Business Services, a medical billing firm in Nashville.

Edward Perez

Age: 33

Current Job: Apprentice mechanic in a Con Edison steam plant in Manhattan

Past Jobs: Until 2005, he was a currency trader in Manhattan for Global FX, and now trades for his own account. (Why did the NY Times print that he trades for himself now? Is that supposed to redeem the fact that he was in finance and now is like, learning to be a mechanic?)

Education: Received associate’s degree from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, R.I.

Parents: His father is an optician with 21st Century Optics, an ophthalmic laboratory in Long Island City, Queens. No career info for the mother, who probably spends her time whining to her son about how he used to be a trader and is now an almost-mechanic.

Cute Story Time!

The story goes like this: the first date sucked, but they still went out again. Then one day the girl told the guy she had allergies to food that made her face turn weird colors. He has the same problem with different food and his face turns green! (LOLZ OMG…Zzzz…) Then his face turned colors when he proposed. (This waste of space made MY face turn colors)

Verdict: Not terrible credentials (still recovering from last week’s selection) but the story was a total waste of space. Why not write about the person who is bffs with Obama? I want a story from THEM.

Read the full Times article here!


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