Parisa Sabeti, Ted Zagat

Parisa Sabeti

Age: 34

Current Job: She is the director of entrepreneurship programs at the William J. Clinton Foundation. The paper then explains what the organization is… like duh. Now please explain what an apprentice mechanic does.

Education: Graduated from Brown and received a law degree from Columbia

Parents: Her father is the president of Paris Enterprises in Orlando, which develops residential properties in central Florida. (I’m sure he was thrilled that his daughter chose to get married NOW. Cough:: $$ and Cough:: Real estate)

Ted Zagat

Age: 34

Current Job: Vice president for franchise development and strategic partnerships at Univision Communications, the Spanish-language media company in New York

Education: Graduated from Harvard, from which he also received an M.B.A.

Parents: Parents are the founders and the chairman and the chairwoman of Zagat Survey in New York (OMG!) , which publishes guides to restaurants, hotels, spas, shopping and movies. (Again, DUH NY Times, we know what Zagat is. Also these people totally founded a company based on critiquing other people and then retired to Florida. ❤ ❤ ❤)

Verdict: I love them. All-Ivy, law and business degrees, and the founder of Zagat! Win.

Read the full Times article here!


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